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Rosemary Ann was the first child born to Henry and Sarah Fortescue. Henry, a British peer, but not heir apparent, had been a bit of a waste before he was introduced to Sarah. He was part of the 80s set in London, regularly indulging as his career in banking had allowed him. He had no intention of marrying, but Sarah was a charming, charismatic girl from the right family and he was easily convinced to settle down. Rosie was born not long after their marriage, a scant 10 months after marriage much to Henry's chagrin. He hadn't been ready to give up his vices, but when he saw his daughter he decided somethings were worth the effort. Rather than being an absentee father, he threw himself into his family life, even relocating his wife and daughter back to his ancestral Devon.

Sarah struggled in Devon as her career was built around the West End. She was a set director, born out of her love for art, and it felt unnatural to be away from the stage. She took on a children's theatre, which she worked up to running by the time Rosie was six. Her early childhood was one blessed with a large family, on both sides, and plenty of cousins to play with. It was through her mother she found a love with the stage and she was put in her first production as the baby Jesus during her first Christmas. Thanks, mum. It grew from there and she was an active member of the youth troupe. Her theatrical nature was difficult for her parents, particularly when she was told at four she would be having a younger brother join them.

Rosie handled the birth of her brother - Peter - poorly. It was her mother who thought she would benefit from more structure and noticing how much Rosie acted, she flirted with and ultimately decided to take her to London to have her audition for work. She thought it would show Rosie she was still just as important while giving her time with both her parents independent of Peter. Rosie's first audition for a casting director and agent were both disasterous as she refused to speak in protest for Peter having been allowed to stay up late (not realising he was a baby and they cry). Sarah was undeterred and found she really loved returning to London and, as a result, a bit of the pushy stage mother took over. She became heavily involved with Rosie and it finally paid off with her daughter, now six, being cast in a variety of pantomimes and off the west end stage productions.

Citing Rosie's happiness, Sarah was able to convince Henry to move back to London and at the age of eight, the family relocated to leafy Barnes. Her career took on strengths, finally culminating with her first role as Julia Jekyll in a show which would go on to last for a handful of years and endear itself to the British public. Enthralled with the process of acting, Rosie applied herself and her precocious nature made her well liked by the crew and elder cast of the show. It was her performance and work ethic, despite being so young, that led to ITV poaching her from BBC One for their rendition of the Worst Witch. While originally approached to play Mildred, she found more joy in vindictive bully Ethel Hallow and asked to be considered for that role instead. Long hours combined with falling academic standard caused her to quit the role of Ethel after one season, choosing to focus on her upcoming GCSE's at her school at the behest of her father.

A year of school at Stowe later, she was allowed to pursue acting again after incessant nagging of her parents. Rosie hated school. She wasn't bullied for her past, but it didn't help. Rather unpopular she missed the comraderie of the girls on the show. Her parents allowed her to take her old role of Ethel back for the spin-off of Weirdsister College and it was like a homecoming for her. In order to appease her parents she worked hard on her A-Levels and earned high enough marks that she was admitted to her father's alma mater of Cambridge. University was excellent for Rosie and she threw hersef into acting in the school productions, eschewing the idea of a busy career to instead focus on her friendships and degree in Theology and Religious Studies via her place at Christ's College. At the end of her second year, she chose to write her final year dissertation on Religious Themes in English Novels. After graduating and with much of nothing to do, she returned to London where she jumpstarted her career.

Her first year back in the game saw her tackle another series, as well as two films - one supporting and one leading. Her next year was also rather busy and her performances culminated in being offered the role of Cecilia in the adaptation of Atonement. Rosie was not the first choice for the role. The original actress had to depart the role due to a scheduling conflict and her audition was rigorous, given her relatively unknown status. The studio was very hesitant to cast her, but the film's director saw something in her and pushed for the role. After the success, her star exploded over night. Woody, whom she had worked with before, cast her in his next film and she rounded out the year with a short she believed in. Her next film saw her return to a period film, as well as the critically successful turn in An Education which saw the achievement of an Academy Award nomination. Rosemary Fortescue was well and truly here.

After the nomination, her next year was busy with two leading roles -- one opposite her hero Helen Mirren -- and the demanding schedule made her want to relax into 2011. She was convinced by Woody to return for a small cameo in his latest film and she spent a month shooting the indie film, Like Crazy, which she fell in love with when she read the outline. She pursued the director hard for the role, sending personal audition tapes and battling to show him she was a chameleon and not a 'famous' person. In the next year, she released only one film, which she has stated was both emotionally and physically draining for her; that of Anna Karenina. At the time filming commenced she was going through a rather public break-up and she sank hersef into her work, obsessing over the role in a way she had never done before. Disengaging from Anna was very hard for her and she dropped out of a few projects in that year and the coming year, before choosing to reunite with her Like Crazy director and to take part in a sweet romantic film the opposite of what people expected of her.

After her recharge, and a move to Paris, she took on a role which meant the world to her: Vera Brittain and another light-hearted film. She finds the challenge of going between period dramas and more dramatic films to modern romantic turns and comedy to be compelling and worthwhile. It stretches her and fores her to define herself by each role, rather than by her own self. She is very keen to not be pigeon-holed into a stereotype nd is so far succeeding.

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Rosie is descended from the British Peerage system and she finds it terribly embarrassing. She does not like to speak about it in interviews. The start of her career was plagued by nepotism claims, even as a young girl when she was cast as the titular Julia Jekyll. She is keenly aware of her privilege. She suffers from an acute panic disorder, which she medicates with anxiety pills. She is very open about this in interviews and is rather heavily involved with the UK charity MIND as a result. She is really committed to being an ambassador for mental health and often ties in her interviews and profiles to her condition. She hopes that by being vocal, she can encourage other people to speak up. Her friendship with musician Claude Amick was the soure of rumours throughout 2010-2012. She never addressed them, but remains a keen fan and the two are still often pictured together. There is a small, but vocal fandom on tumblr who 'ships' them. During the start of her career she was much more effervescent and free with the press, but as of 2012 she has become very focused on only speaking about her role and refuses to discuss her personal life. While still polite, one of her more well known moments was during the press junket for Breathe In when she promptly walked out of the interview during what she perceived and maintains were misogynist comments. She has two tattoos. The first is the sentence "with you I am well pleased" under her right breast as taken from Mark 1:1-8 in reference to John the Baptist in a compact, cursive script. The second is an outline of the moon phrases behind her left ear. She has never publicly disclosed what either of them mean.